Popular Name: Haworthia atrofusca

Accepted Botanical Name: Haworthia magnifica var. atrofusca

Minimum Order: 3000

Delivery time: 2-3 months

Size: 6-7 (in potting light soil)

Price: Negotiable (based on order numbers)

Haworthia magnifica is a succulent evergreen slow-growing species. Its shape and brownish-greenish color serve to camouflage this plant on the ground. It is usually a solitary stemless plant. The leaves are approximately triangular, about 3,5 cm long, with longitudinal pale brown or greyish veines along the upper surfaces and small teeth along the edges. The extremely dark (almost black) plants, with rounded leaf tips and extremely rough leaf surface, are known as variety “atrofusca”.

Haworthia atrofusca