Popular Name: Horse’s teeth

Accepted Botanical Name: Haworthia truncate- variegated

Minimum Order: 300

Delivery time: 12-16 wks.

Size: 6-8 cm (in potting light soil)

Price: Negotiable (based on order numbers)

Haworthia truncata is a miniature leaf succulent with flattened ends and shallow roots. The top surface gives the impression of having been cut or truncated, hence the name truncata. The leaves are covered in white or grey lines with varicosities. In nature the plants are often half-buried, with only the tips of the leaves visible above the soil.

The variegated type has stripes with two or more different colors, even distinct shades of brownish-green. Plants with variegated leaves are often attractive and highly prized.

The root system is fleshy and shallow-rooted so the plant can absorb every drop of moisture when it rains, thus this species can go long periods without water.

Haworthia truncata- variegated