Popular Name: Sansevieria- snakeskin

Accepted Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata

Minimum Order: 3000

Delivery time: 2-3 months

Size: 10-15 cm (in potting light soil)

Price: Negotiable (based on order numbers)

The Snakeskin Sansevieria plant is renowned as the most tolerant plant. From low light to days without water, they can survive anything. They are the houseplants that are perfect for all new plant parents. Snakeskin Sansevieria is considered a negative plant as it is believed that it is a symbol of a snake and will attract them. Though the leaves are like the skin of a snake, this plant keeps snakes away.
Snakeskin Sansevieria is famed as mother-in-law’s tongue plant. The plant has sharp leaves and people attach a negative connotation to it that the leaves are as sharp as a mother-in-law’s tongue. But, it is an air purifying plant that can be beneficial for the health of your mother-in-law.
Snakeskin Sansevieria releases oxygen at night and it is a common myth that it releases CO2 at night. Needs Bright Light
Snakeskin Sansevieria can survive in low light and doesn’t always need bright light.

Sanseveria- snake skin